Friends .. I love the fact that we are all called to .. “love in spite of  and not because of” .. wow .. think about that  ..  haha .. let’s say .. we have a child that disappoints us .. we don’t put them on a shelf and borrow one from the neighbor .. no .. we go right on continuing to value them .. accepting them as they are .. and yes  .. loving them … totally in spite of their behavior  .. haha .. and yes .. even their actions .. and yes .. we continue to do this throughout time .. yet .. look at us ..  as adults we don’t have that same kind of thinking ..  no .. we mostly love others for what they originally brought to the relationship ..  haha .. and then .. once we get to know them and realize ..  they have some things that just don’t line up with our expectations of them .. and .. haha ..  they just don’t fit in our packaged box anymore .. we straight out .. stick them on a shelf and walk away .. and friends .. the truth is .. it’s when we find ourselves behaving this way .. we need to round ourselves back up .. and yes ..  we simply need to follow the example of Jesus ..  that’s right .. for even though we totally disobey Him .. He still loves us .. even though we do not live up to His expectations .. He knows each one of us has things in our lives .. that yes .. we could be better at ..  oh but .. bottom line .. He’ll never put us on a shelf and find another to take our place … He’ll continue to nurture us .. to love us .. and yes .. to lead us .. haha .. for yes yes yes .. He sticks with us no matter what .. and that sweet friends .. is true love .. so .. as we move throught our days .. we stay mindful to love others .. not for what they bring to the table .. but simply .. because they don’t always fit into our expectations .. we accept and love them … “in spite of and not because of” … for who knows … we may just find a diamond in the rough  … just like He did in each of us .. haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period
“For God shows no partiality”

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