When we refuse to do what God wants us to do ..  the enemy..  he rears his ugly head .. and .. his face is all up into everything we do .. haha .. yes .. a simple case of cause and effect .. that’s right .. the closer we are to God .. the more we’re like Him .. the further away we get from Him .. the less we look like Him .. and .. the more we’re completely at home in the darkness .. haha ..  friends ..  all we need to know and trust .. is simply ..  God is our protector .. we need Him .. He guides us .. disciplines us .. protects us .. He brings us closer to Him .. and .. He comforts us when we’re hurting ..  and yes .. when He lifts His hand .. because we’ve turned our backs on Him to serve our own selfishness .. we suffer .. simply because ..  we’re no longer obeying Him ..  we’re obeying that in which we despise .. haha .. for friends ..  His absence in our life is downright painful ..  for .. the truth is .. it’s simply not the creative order that He has established .. for it’s when  .. we’re living outside of His will that we become dangerous .. simply because .. we become self focused ..  and therefore .. we give the enemy all the room he needs to attack .. and trust me .. he will .. and .. he does .. and .. he doesn’t care who he takes down with us .. oh but friends .. it’s in the power of our own obedience .. that we can truly be more like Him .. it’s the perfect starting point ..  I mean .. think about it .. even Jesus started there .. haha .. for the truth is  .. we’ll never be closer to Him than the degree of our own obedience .. and the bottom line .. we’ll never become more like Him .. without an obedient heart .. Jesus told His disciples ..   “If you love Me .. keep My commandments” ..  He never said this in any way to manipulate them into doing what He wanted .. nor .. did He intend it as a threat ..  again ..  it’s simple cause and effect ..  the heart of obedience and submission .. is the heart of a friend .. someone who loves deeply .. and .. is deeply loved ..  for friends ..  His  commands are not burdensome .. no .. not at all .. not really .. for ..  it’s all pretty simple .. if .. we let it be ..  for you see ..  as we spend time with Him and truly begin to know Him .. the enemy  ..  simply loses the foothold that allowed him to attack us before ..  and .. every time we say yes to Him .. we become that much closer to Him .. and it is then .. He molds us into His image  and  we feel His hope .. way down deep in the hidden parts of our souls ..  His light increases in our lives .. and friends .. the shame and desperation that has been a big part of our lives .. is driven to a place of exile .. oh yeah  ..  for .. His love is real .. and friends .. our obedience .. means a whole new found  freedom .. that’s ours for the taking .. haha .. simple truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

And being found in appearance as a man .. He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death .. even the death of the cross”


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