Friends .. we were made to be a light for others to see the way .. and yes .. when it comes to being that light .. haha .. we have a choice on just how bright we’ll shine .. for the truth is .. we have to stay charged up .. for yes .. if we allow ourselves to be run down .. and yes .. allow our spiritual connection to operate on low wattage .. haha .. we’ll simply just be a few people carrying around mini flashlights trying as we might to illuminate a large crowd of people .. oh and no .. please don’t misunderstand .. we may indeed be able to help our neighbor steer away from a mistake .. however .. we won’t be bright enough to truly influence their walk .. and yes .. we all want to be a good influence for our Lord .. every single chance we get .. so yes .. it’s when we’re diligent to keep our spiritual connection strong and energized .. that yes .. we’ll be able to operate as a floodlight for Him .. haha .. that’s right .. we’ll be shining and illuminating the way for all the people we meet .. to yes .. find the wonderful and abundant life .. that yes .. He has planned specifically for each of us .. so yes sweet friends .. it’s again we can boldly say .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“For at one time you were darkness .. but now you are light in the Lord .. walk as children of light”


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