God is love .. and friends .. it’s when we know and experience His love .. that we’re able to share it with others .. haha .. it would be so awesome if all of us .. simply loved each other with His love .. I mean .. think about it .. there’d be no gossip .. no judgment .. or .. criticism .. no exclusive attitudes that make others feel rejected .. and simply .. people’s needs would be met far more than they are .. after all .. His Word does tell us that Jesus loved His people to the .. “highest degree” .. and the love He showed to them actually shocked them .. haha .. yes friends .. we need to shock a few people ourselves .. for love .. it’s not just a feeling or a theory .. it’s a decision we make .. and .. an action we take .. we need to understand .. if we want to have meaningful relationships with others .. then we need to invest in their lives by giving them support .. encouraging them .. helping them to meet their needs .. and .. serving them .. as .. we’re able to do .. and yes .. that’s easy to do .. for people we like .. or .. people we want to impress .. however .. when it comes to doing something for someone we don’t know .. or .. don’t have an interest in .. it can be quite different .. haha .. sometimes .. we don’t even feel like dealing with our own family .. oh .. we’ll serve at church or in our community .. but .. we’re not willing to do the same at home .. so friends .. the lesson is simple .. what we do in front of people publicly .. means squat .. if we’re not living a life that pleases Him at home .. haha .. and this .. will cause us much frustration .. until we finally .. “get it” .. yes .. we have to come to the reality that we’re naturally selfish .. and .. we have to make a conscious decision to think of others on purpose .. because .. if we don’t .. we’ll miss many opportunities to serve them .. yes sweet friends .. He so wants us to have success while enjoying our lives .. but .. haha .. He wants us to die to self .. get over being the center of our world .. and .. begin to focus on looking for someone who needs our help .. each and every day .. for when we do this .. we’ll find .. we’re actually more satisfied .. content .. peaceful .. and .. happier .. than we’ve ever been before .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us .. God is love .. and whoever abides in love abides in God .. and God abides in him”

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