When something doesn’t work out for us .. it’s common to find creative ways and reasons .. why it’s someone else’s fault .. when .. what we clearly need to do .. is learn to relax without actually knowing why something worked out the way it did .. and then .. tolerate the temporary uncertainty of the ..’not knowing’ .. for .. it’s then .. we are able to get a wider perspective on things .. for you see .. jumping up to blame to first person we see .. haha .. is simply not an effective way to go about things .. instead .. we need to wait .. with the understanding .. this is the situation at the moment .. while meditating on .. what God is directing us to do at this place we are in .. remembering .. we can only grow by perceiving true feedback about ourselves .. seeing objectively .. where we went wrong .. is how we improve and develop .. for friends .. there is absolutely no shame in being able to admit to ourselves and to others .. that we made a mistake .. in fact .. quite the opposite is true .. when we can communicate clearly .. owning up to our part of the play .. it shows a real strength of character .. it’s when we run .. and .. allow our hearts to harden .. avoiding the hurt and pain .. that we lose .. friends .. everyone of us makes mistakes .. it’s part of being human .. so .. we stay mindful .. to just admit .. when we make a mistake .. it’s simple .. we stop dishing out the blame and accept our part .. for when we do this .. not only will others respect us for it .. we will also .. have more respect for ourselves .. for we know .. when we are blamed unfairly .. resentment builds up .. and hate .. it can take over .. none of us want to hate .. it hurts and it binds .. so instead .. we focus on making things better .. for we know .. we were created in His very Image .. and .. He .. simply would not .. partake in such behavior .. and again .. oh yeah . Love Wins Period
“Therefore you have no excuse .. O man .. every one of you who judges .. for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself .. because you .. the judge .. practice the very same things:


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