Friends .. it’s a new day .. and .. as Believers today .. we simply cannot ignore our diverse responsibility to one another .. for simply .. God’s Word gives us specific commands about how we’re to relate .. Scripture tells us that we’re to .. accept and comfort each other .. we’re called to advise one other .. confess our sins .. and .. forgive graciously .. haha .. we’re simply .. to live in peace with each other .. we’re to show each other love .. and .. we’re to be .. hospitable .. patient .. and .. tenderhearted .. He tells us plainly .. to faithfully pray for .. and .. to encourage one another .. while motivating each other to good deeds .. for friends .. most all of us can recall the times in our lives when we were encouraged by someone else .. we can remember those people who encouraged us in life .. we remember the ones who went out of their way to talk to us .. no matter when or where they saw us .. we remember how they made us feel .. simply by ..encouraging us .. yes .. haha .. sometimes .. they knew exactly what to say .. while other times .. it was simply their very presence that was encouraging .. so friends .. in knowing this truth .. and .. as we go through each new day .. let’s simply .. stay mindful of our responsibility .. it’s really not hard to do .. actually .. it’s really pretty easy .. for friends .. the bottom line .. when we share a simple kind word of encouragement .. or .. a simple hug with love .. we never really know the impact our actions will have on another person’s life .. and friends .. I don’t know about you .. but .. I love the way it makes me feel when someone reaches out to me with love and encouragement .. for .. it’s when we encounter this kind of kindness .. that we walk away feeling loved and encouraged .. and we .. as His people .. should want everyone else .. to feel the same way .. when they walk away from us .. haha .. gotta love .. simple acts of love .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up .. just as in fact you are doing”

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