It’s a new week .. and yes I know ..  I say this over and over again .. yet .. haha ..  it constantly holds true ..  friends .. it’s important for us to practice love toward one another  .. along with a whole lot of encouragement .. haha .. for the truth is .. the lack of both will indeed block our way ..  for simply .. we must try with all our might .. to see the good in all people .. that’s right .. we must see the good in those we like .. as well as .. haha ..  those who go against our grain .. for yes .. there’s good in all of us .. after all .. we’re children of God .. and yes .. simply because we’re His children .. we must do all we can to love and encourage those we meet .. otherwise .. it’s impossible to truly dwell in His spirit .. where nothing unloving or discouraging can come .. so without question .. we do all we can to get along .. daily staying mindful of this strong desire He has for us ..  and yes ..  living in His simple truth ..  bottom line .. the more love we give away .. the more love we’ll receive  ..  and yes .. His love always comes .. haha .. in spite of all our many faults and failures .. simply because .. again and again .. and yes .. again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Gracious words are a honeycomb .. sweet to the soul and healing to the bones”



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