We’ve all been around bullies in our lives .. heck .. we may be a bully ourselves .. or .. we may have taken on a role .. imitating someone close to us that “acted out” and .. before we know it .. wow .. we’re acting the same way .. yes friends .. this is common .. that’s why many of us .. become .. just like the ones before us .. that’s why we find in families .. the “generational curse” if you will .. a line of destructive habits .. friends .. it’s easy to continue this kind of behavior .. wherever it came from .. if we let .. but .. we can’t let it .. we’re too smart for that .. but .. the problem is .. we’ve been this way our whole lives .. we continue to enter into relationships with others .. that are abusive .. and downright .. exactly what .. we dislike about ourselves .. haha .. it took me a long time to realize .. everything .. wasn’t all my fault .. no .. I had to take responsibility for my role .. but .. only for my role .. years of abuse .. whether it be .. mental .. physical .. or .. verbal .. any of them .. can and will .. drive us to crazy .. we’ll find ourselves in a place of entrapment .. immobilized and unable to move .. trapped by an enemy within .. but friends .. its when we realize .. we too .. have become the same .. that we have to step back .. and .. straighten ourselves up .. it’s simply time .. to reverse the negative .. and .. move forward in the positive .. haha .. but first .. we have to recognize the enemy .. for our battle .. it’s not with flesh and blood .. it’s a spiritual battle .. and then .. once we do this .. we have to truly forgive those who hurt us .. then .. we treat the causes .. not the symptoms .. yes .. we have to root out what’s down deep .. and .. move it on out of play .. bring it to light .. for simply .. to become people who’s lives are transformed by the love of God .. we must .. not only get rid of what holds us bondage .. but .. we must allow ourselves to be filled with love .. for Him .. as well as .. ourselves and all others .. for friends .. it’s true .. unconditional love .. totally releases blessings .. it may be hard to love those who have hurt and taken advantage of us .. but .. the victory .. it’s all ours when we do .. and that .. makes it all the easier to develop a Godly attitude .. which is .. a good attitude to have .. haha .. so .. we simply .. align our words with His .. we accept the fact .. that He didn’t come .. to condemn or punish us .. He came to give us hope .. that our lives can be different .. we don’t ever have to live under the burdens of pain .. hurt .. shame .. or .. sorrow .. no way .. for we have all His power available to us .. and friends .. His power and His love .. can set us free from every chain .. that has it’s hold on us .. yes .. His love is deeper than anything we’ll ever encounter .. and .. it’s when we walk in obedience .. that we’ll walk in total freedom .. oh no .. we don’t have to be perfect or without mistakes .. but our hearts need to be surrendered and pliable toward Him .. like clay in the Potter’s hand .. we need to be moving forward in the things of Him .. every day of our lives .. for today’s decisions .. do in fact .. determine our tomorrows .. and friends .. trust me when I say .. there’s a miracle waiting on the other side of this thing called “obedience” .. simply because .. I think .. I’ve found it .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Do not merely listen to the Word .. and so deceive yourselves .. do what it says”

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