Last night I woke up at two and went back to sleep at four .. haha .. many of you may have done the same .. as I laid there I was pondering this and that .. thinking on what to do here and there .. not really worrying .. but yes .. thinking .. thinking .. haha .. and thinking some more .. at the point of not wanting to think anymore .. I simply asked God to help me rest .. haha .. and yes .. that’s what He did .. I went back to sleep peacefully and woke up peacefully .. haha .. only to find myself thinking again .. but this time .. I’m thinking about how awesome it is for us to know that irregardless of our needs or problems .. or yes .. even our emergencies .. God will never fail us .. for the truth is .. as long as we keep our eyes on Him there can really be no problems at all .. for yes .. whatever kind of wisdom we need .. all we have to do is call His name .. and yes .. seek His face .. for it’s when we do this simple task .. the peace will come and the answers will be revealed .. for yes sweet friends .. He is always and forever one step ahead .. patiently waiting on our call .. for yes .. He is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“.. at their wits’ end ..they cried out to the Lord in their trouble .. and He brought them out of their distress”


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