Friends .. the truth is .. if we had to be worthy before God gave us His love .. haha .. we’d all be in trouble .. for simply .. that’s the point of creation in the first place .. He’s done for us .. simply  because .. He wanted to do for us .. and yes .. haha .. He’s loved all of us from the get go .. from the very beginning of time .. and yes .. we’ve all done “unlovely”  things  .. haha  .. and yes .. we’ve hung on to a lot of  it .. but friends  .. bottom line .. we need to let it go .. haha .. and yes ..  we need to get over it while getting on with it .. for the reality is  .. there’s simply no room for wallowing in self pity or groveling in misery .. simply because we aren’t perfect .. for after all .. think about it .. haha .. we’re all made in His image .. and friends .. He doesn’t make mistakes .. He loves us all ..  as we are .. and yes yes yes  .. His unconditional love .. it  makes us worthy .. so .. no more beating ourselves up .. instead .. we get up .. we get out .. and yes .. we share with all we meet .. that same kind of love that He continually and faithfully .. shows each one of us ..  haha .. for again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Love bears all things .. believes all things .. hopes all things .. endures all things”


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