God often purposely surfaces pain .. just so .. hurt people can face reality .. haha .. I know this to be true .. for .. it’s happened to me .. yes .. for years I was in relationships of multiple abuse .. I’d get out of one .. only to find the next one waiting .. oh .. and please .. understand .. I looked for these kind of people .. somewhere in my subconscious mind .. I felt this is what I deserved .. and then .. to escape .. I found myself doing whatever it took .. even if it meant .. hurting myself .. to do so .. haha .. yes .. I lived my life this way for years .. full of guilt and shame .. struggling to figure out .. when it all actually began .. but now .. after all this time .. I’ve finally begun to fully understand and see the “reality” of the situation .. haha .. yes friends .. no matter what kind of relationship we’re in .. where there are conflicts .. we simply need to understand .. that God .. He often allows them .. simply because .. He wants the hurt to stop .. in order for us .. to be healed and made whole .. oh yes .. we want to blame the enemy for the conflict .. when really .. He .. Our God .. often allows it Himself .. just so we can be .. motivated to dig deeper into our lives .. and deal with .. the “root cause” of our destructive thoughts and habits .. and friends .. His purpose in this .. is simply .. that we would all be conformed to His image .. haha .. and no .. this doesn’t just happen with Bible studies .. prayer .. and .. times of success .. nope .. this happens in the painful situations we must face .. those things that have been hurting us for years .. for friends .. the bottom line .. when we’re .. old enough .. and .. mature enough .. to fully understand through our many experiences .. that there is .. actually something wrong .. and that simply .. it’s not too late .. to let go of the pain and have relationships restored .. we can be free .. for .. it’s happened for me .. that’s right .. I’m a grateful soul today .. for .. I haven’t waited any longer than I have.. to face the facts .. no .. for friends .. the truth is .. I don’t want to be a hard hearted .. and .. I don’t want to be cynical .. none of us do .. so in knowing this .. we simply cannot allow ourselves to be any of those things our perpetrators have been .. no .. at this point in our lives .. we must fully understand .. hurt people .. actually do .. hurt people .. and we .. simply need to forgive .. IF .. we want to be released and restored to freedom .. for friends .. forgiveness and mindfulness .. they are a must .. and .. if we don’t forgive others .. the very thing we’ve become victimized with .. will .. without a doubt.. become part of our lives .. however .. that’s not the end of the story … there’s good news for us all .. haha .. yes friends .. we can through Christ .. be healed .. and .. be set free .. from any and all past hurt and pain .. so in turn .. we now .. can comfort others with the same comfort .. we received from Him .. therefore .. our big old life mess .. truly can become .. a glorious and powerful message of His unfailing and unconditional love .. simple truth ..simply said ..  haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“And no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother .. saying .. ‘Know the Lord’ .. for they shall all know me .. from the least of them to the greatest .. declares the Lord .. For I will forgive their iniquity .. and I will remember their sin no more”


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