Friends .. we need to simplify our lives .. haha .. and yes .. in choosing to do so .. is simply .. an act of courage .. and yes .. an act of hope .. haha .. for the truth is .. no matter how complex our life may be .. or .. how tangled the web we’ve weaved .. we can trust God to help us change everything for the better .. that’s right .. for friends .. He is the foundation of our hope .. and yes .. of our strength .. so simply .. we can never give up .. even when we’re most discouraged .. haha .. we can trust .. we’re not alone .. so .. we simply nurture our hope that lives within .. by turning to Him .. and yes .. asking Him to be our strength .. with a simple childlike belief .. that yes .. He will lead us .. one step at a time .. into greater clarity .. and yes oh yes .. into pure joy .. for friends .. the bottom line is simply .. He is the Author and Creator of life itself .. haha .. leaving no better place .. to simply .. place our trust .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength .. they will soar on wings like eagles .. they will run and not grow weary .. they will walk and not be faint”


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