I’m late writing this morning as I woke up dizzy headed and stumbling around like I’m drunk .. haha .. maybe it was all the cough syrup I drank throughout the night .. whatever it is or was .. it’s had my head in a fog .. and friends .. we can’t have that .. so .. instead of just sitting down .. I decided to get up and dance while praising God for all my blessings .. haha .. you should have seen the dogs and cats .. not to mention the look on Pop Bob’s face as I started singing and shouting .. making up praise tunes to the One I know .. that can truly .. lift that fog and make it go away .. that’s right friends .. He’s awesome like that .. He can take any situation we’re in .. whether waking up dizzy .. or .. just plain down and out .. and .. simply make it better .. I’m not saying if your sick .. not to go to the doc .. I’m just saying simply .. He gives us the strength we need .. to move through .. the sicknesses .. the trials .. the errors .. and .. the heartaches .. with the confidence in knowing .. that He is our God .. and .. that He loves us .. totally and unconditionally .. and .. He wants to be here for us .. twenty four hours a day .. and .. all we have to do .. is call His name .. easy breezy .. so friends .. let’s get ourselves on up .. get our praise on .. and .. let’s do this day .. for .. haha … He has certainly given us .. a gorgeous one to praise Him for .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus”



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