People .. we need to understand .. every single day .. the enemy .. he’s gonna through some kind of something out in front of us .. with the sole intent to upset us .. I mean really .. he’ll use silly things .. like .. losing our keys or getting stuck in traffic .. and now .. we’re mad .. and .. we’re not acting nice .. we’ve forgotten all about the .. “love” .. haha .. oh .. but friends .. what we must also remember .. in any situation that we face .. we have the choice to be at peace and in control .. that’s right .. for the truth is .. God .. He doesn’t create difficult situations for us .. oh but .. He sure can use them to develop our character .. for .. you see .. when we take our mind off ourselves .. and .. off our circumstances .. and .. put our focus on Him and loving others .. we are now embracing an attitude that brings Him honor .. for we know .. that no matter what happens in our life .. He is simply .. working everything out for good .. so .. in trusting this truth .. we get up each morning .. with our mind set on Him .. soaking up all the peace and joy we need .. to love others in a way .. that’s only possible .. from knowing Him .. simple truth .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Have I not commanded you? .. Be strong and courageous .. do not be terrified .. do not be discouraged, .. for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”



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