“I’m totally convinced that putting the past in the past is the way it’s suppose to be .. if not .. I could remember more than I do”  ..  haha ..  as we get older our memory begins to fade and our account on how things were is different ..  heck .. the story seems to change a bit every time we tell it .. oh but friends ..  we must remember .. the past only has an impact on the present when we continue to waste our powerful thoughts and energy on something that no longer exists .. other than in our own mind .. for  ..  whatever it was that happened is finished now .. and .. no matter how uncomfortable it was for us .. we need to come to the understanding that at some level we chose it .. and .. that choice .. it helped to build our character and has made us stronger than ever .. so .. whenever we find ourselves wondering why something turned out the way it did .. we can call to mind the old adage ..  ‘God works in mysterious ways’ ..  yet know in our heart the reality is .. we just don’t know the “big picture” .. and .. we don’t need to know .. even though we may feel sad about a certain event in our past … we make the decision to accept the realization that there is a higher order to things ..  and .. God is always going to see that something good will eventually come of it .. it’s that simple .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

Therefore .. if anyone is in Christ .. he is a new creation .. the old has passed away ..  behold .. the new has come .. All this is from God .. who through Christ reconciled us to Himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.


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