Most of us trust and agree .. that simply .. God brings every situation .. every circumstance .. every event .. and .. every person .. into our lives for growth .. that’s right .. to give us that opportunity to grow .. right on into .. the fullness of the person He’s created us to be .. for friends .. He has given each of us .. gifts and talents that are unique to ourselves .. no one else can do exactly what we are capable of doing .. in exactly the same way we are capable of doing it .. for simply .. we are each unique .. we are special .. and .. we are talented .. and friends .. the only way .. we can truly discover .. what we are truly good at .. is to follow our heart .. to try different things .. while choosing more of the things we like .. haha .. and .. less of the things we don’t like .. for .. it’s true .. “life is change and growth is optional” .. so friends .. it’s when life changes .. and it will .. instead of curling up and hiding under the covers .. we need to get up and make hay .. haha .. that’s right .. when faced with change .. we need to make the choice .. to get excited about the new opportunities while trusting .. in His relentless nature .. for He is constantly challenging us and putting opportunities around us .. that simply .. if pursued .. we would be a whole lot happier .. friends .. it’s when we deny ourselves the dreams of our heart .. that .. we are denying His gift for the perfect life He has for us .. and .. it’s when we continue to do .. what we think we should do .. or .. even worse .. what others tell us we should do .. we become lost in the chaos of the mind .. which only creates separation and struggle .. oh yes .. sweet friends .. think about it .. it’s when we embrace and follow our heart .. that we find .. things do become less complicated and flow much more easily .. so .. with that .. again .. we find it true .. “Life is Change and Growth is Optional” .. it’a all about .. “Choosing Wisely” .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts .. use them well to serve one another”

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