We made it as far as Montgomery yesterday ..  after our busy week .. followed by driving in heavy rain .. we were totally exhausted  .. so we stopped .. and yes .. just woke up from a nice twelve hour sleep .. body rested and ready to roll .. haha .. for friends .. the truth is .. our bodies need rest to function .. however .. as I sit here thinking .. my mind goes to the soul .. haha .. for the truth is  ..  it’s when our soul finds rest in God .. that real life begins .. when we’re calm and serene .. we can and will do good work ..  for yes ..  emotional upsets .. they make us useless .. for simply .. calmness is where it’s at .. and yes ..  the calmness I speak of .. is totally based on a complete trust in Him .. and friends .. to make it short and sweet .. haha .. nothing .. absolutely nothing .. can separate us from His love .. so yes .. we wear the world like a loose garment .. while keeping His serenity at the center of our very being .. therefore  .. giving us the ability to live each day to the fullest .. and yes .. that’s what we do .. live to love for Him .. for yes .. we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Take my yoke upon you .. and learn from me .. for I am gentle and lowly in heart .. and you will find rest for your souls”



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