Friends .. our feelings are real .. and God .. He wants to hear about them .. haha .. that’s right .. as I laid in bed last night thinking and thinking about a certain circumstance in my life .. fretting and wondering .. who I could to tell my side of the story to .. laughter came over me from no where .. I began to laugh so hard .. you know .. that down deep .. out of control kind of laugh .. haha .. for yes .. it was then .. I heard that still small voice saying .. “here I Am .. speak it girl” .. haha .. that’s right .. who better than Him .. to tell my side side of the story .. for the truth is .. there’s some things when talked about .. really serve no purpose .. and friends .. if it doesn’t serve a purpose .. it’s not from Him .. and yes .. closed lips are our best choice .. haha .. so .. I layed there and talked .. detail after detail .. until I fell peacefully back to sleep .. for friends .. it’s important as we move through our days .. to stay mindful .. to simply .. never take life’s circumstances at face value .. that’s right .. no matter how bad .. confusing .. or .. hopeless they may look .. we’ll find .. He often uses the ordinary to communicate His extraordinary love .. for you see .. no matter what happens in this life .. we can’t allow ourselves to fret .. for the truth is .. He’s saying something .. and .. when He says something .. we need to pay attention .. so .. when we have those nights of tossing and turning .. our heads spinning around with thoughts that are totally binding us .. we talk .. yes .. detail after detail .. for friends .. seriously .. He wants to hear .. He wants to listen .. and yes .. He wants us .. to listen .. haha .. bottom line .. through every circumstance in our life .. He’s at work .. even when we don’t fully understand .. for we know that we know that we know .. whatever it is .. we can trust one hundred percent .. it will serve a purpose .. and yes .. lives will be touched .. and friends .. that’s when the story can be told .. for now .. He’s gotten the glory .. just the way .. it’s meant to be .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him .. who have been called according to his purpose”

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