Friends .. we can complicate our lives very easily .. simply by .. making snap judgments and decisions .. haha .. that’s right .. when we’re so quick to state our opinion .. we often find ourselves in a very uncomfortable state .. haha .. don’t worry .. there’s plenty of experts .. or .. so called experts out there .. who will offer an opinion on what someone has done .. and yes  .. even on what may happen tomorrow .. but friends .. not us .. we want to be those few “wise souls” .. haha .. that’s right .. those who are willing to hold back judgement and wait .. to simply see .. what truly unfolds .. for simply .. when others are quick to judge .. or yes .. even to predict an outcome ..  we .. the wise souls .. we sit back .. we keep quiet .. and yes .. we wait .. for simply .. those people who have the easy answers .. haha .. they usually don’t even know what the real question is .. “bless their hearts” .. haha ..  yes sweet friends .. quiet judgement can simply ..  keep us focused on what’s really important around us  .. as we take the time .. to weigh out the facts in any and all situations we face .. way long before .. we state our opinion .. or .. we make any kind of commitment .. for the other end .. trust me .. it’s not so fun .. haha ..  bottom line .. we must continually stay mindful to simply allow .. God to be our guide .. and yes .. leave any judging that needs to be done .. to Him .. for friends ..  in the end  .. we’ll find ..  He is the way .. He is the truth .. and yes  .. He is the life .. that wonderful life .. that leads us to our ultimate decision .. and yes .. destination ..  haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart .. this person’s religion is worthless”


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