Friends .. we all know someone who has come to the Lord with a shameful past .. for me .. it’s me .. haha .. and yes .. it’s so true in the fact that once we feel sanctified ourselves .. haha .. it becomes so tempting .. and yes .. easy to see ourselves as better than others .. that’s right .. we tend to freeze people in their past mistakes while at the same time .. totally ignoring our own .. haha .. oh but friends .. we have be careful .. for the truth is .. we all owe Him way more than we could ever repay .. so yes .. we must stay mindful to continually love with abandon .. and yes .. we must do this in spite of and never because of .. for simply .. people loving people is the way He intended it to be .. so .. it’s a new day .. come on now .. let’s spread some love .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore .. I tell you .. her many sins have been forgiven .. as her great love has shown .. but whoever has been forgiven little loves little”

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