Friends .. it’s true .. it’s so easy to take others for granted .. and yes .. to even become angry and complain because they don’t meet our every desire ..  but reality tells us .. we need to constantly give thanks the all of those around us .. for yes .. there are so many who have helped us in some sort of way .. and yes .. we need to let them know just how much we appreciate them .. they need to know .. and yes .. we need to tell them .. that yes .. we love them .. we love their hearts .. and yes .. we love their steadiness in our lives .. for yes sweet friends .. we’re+ blessed people to have others cross our paths who care about us .. and no .. we can never allow ourselves to take that for granted .. for yes .. we’re truly grateful .. and no ..  to be grateful out loud is not a sign of weakness .. but yes .. a sign of strength .. and yes .. we need to recognize and love all those who have helped us along our journey .. for yes sweet friends .. we need each other .. we need the love and strength from one another to get on through  .. for no .. we’re never alone .. for yes .. we’ll always have each other .. so .. we open our eyes to the truth .. we give as we can .. we share as we can .. and yes .. we love with that awesome love that God has put into our hearts .. for yes .. that love of His that we so cherish .. haha ..  may just be .. the only love that someone we pass by ever sees .. and no .. we don’t want to ever pass up and opportunity like that .. for yes .. as we all know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“I always thank God for you”



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