We all make mistakes .. some of us .. haha .. more than others .. and .. we’ve often heard .. God is the God of second chances .. but friends .. I personally think it’s more like .. He’s the God of zero chances .. haha … that’s right .. scripture tells us simply .. favor with Him doesn’t depend on us .. nor .. our wisdom .. our goodness .. or .. our faithfulness .. no .. He’s not waiting for us to get our act together .. or .. our head screwed on straight .. so we can try to get it right .. “this time” .. no sweet friends .. He offers His favor freely .. simply because of .. Christ’s wisdom .. goodness .. and .. faithfulness .. certainly not ours .. yes .. it’s done when we belong to Him .. He’ll never turn us away .. nor .. let us wander too far .. for .. He is faithful to His people .. no second chances offered or needed .. no matter what .. He’ll never abandon us .. and .. His faithfulness sets us free .. so .. when we make mistakes .. and .. we worry because we know we’ve fallen out of His will .. then .. we think we’re stuck in His plan B .. we need to wake up .. for that .. is total nonsense .. I mean think about it .. if His plans were dependent on us .. haha .. we’d all be at plan Z .. for we simply find .. on every page written in His Word .. He accomplishes perfectly everything He desires .. His will is never crossed .. simply because .. our freedom is subject to His freedom .. haha .. which means .. His plan A for us is right on track .. in spite of our mistakes along the way .. in fact .. our mistakes actually serve His plan for us .. haha .. we can read it for ourselves .. so .. the bottom line .. His will for us is right where we’re standing .. whether that be in the sunshine of our hopes and dreams .. or .. in the storms of our regrets .. and friends .. it always will be .. for .. He reigns and He rules .. His control over all things for His glory and our good .. simply include .. our choices .. our actions .. and .. the consequences that flow from them .. so .. when we make bad decisions .. stupid mistakes .. or .. just plain careless choices .. we simply have to to live with the consequences .. oh but .. the wonderful news .. we’re not alone .. He has a hopeful plan for us .. that spans eternity .. and friends .. we can trust in this fact .. no mistake we’ll ever make can undo His plan .. no way .. for when we put our hope in His sacrifice .. He promises to forgive all our sins .. past .. present .. and .. future .. so with that being said .. and .. we’re living through the consequences of our mistakes .. whether sinful or not .. He’s still our forgiving heavenly Father .. when our mistakes feel like a thousand pounds strapped to our back .. we can grab hold of His forgiveness and His faithfulness .. for simply .. He has made a covenant promise to work for OUR good .. and that my friends .. is truth .. we can stand right up on .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“The grass withers .. the flower fades .. but the word of our God will stand forever”

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