As Believers .. God’s grace is the very heart of our faith .. it’s the very center of our relationship with Him .. it’s when we come to understand that our salvation is based on His grace .. that we’ll be drawn closer to Him .. and .. we’ll love Him .. even more .. for .. you see .. grace with it’s meaning .. has been defined in various ways .. with my personal favorite being .. “Grace is the face that God wears when He looks at my failures.” .. that’s right sweet friends .. His Word tells us plainly to come boldly to the throne of grace .. for .. that’s where .. we’ll obtain mercy and find grace in our time of need .. ahh .. which takes us to the difference between the two .. MERCY .. when He doesn’t give us what we deserve .. and .. GRACE .. when He gives us what we don’t deserve .. yes .. His saving grace is a blessing to all of us … when .. we allow ourselves to receive it .. for friends .. I can tell you this .. if my salvation is based on the fact that I am good .. haha .. then I can take credit for it .. but .. if .. it’s truly a free gift from God Himself .. I have zero to brag about .. and .. I can take no credit at all .. for the truth is .. He in His mercy and grace have given it to me .. I don’t deserve a single thing .. but yet .. He accepts and loves me .. and .. He has shown me grace beyond measure .. right where I am .. haha .. in spite of .. not because of .. and that my friends … is what I stand on .. each and every day .. bottom line .. God is Love .. and .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“the Lord is gracious and full of compassion .. slow to anger and great in mercy”


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