Friends .. we all have things in our lives .. that we simply .. haven’t tended to properly .. and because of that .. we now think it’s lost and out of reach for good .. yes .. we feel like the waves of time and neglect have carried it too far away .. haha .. oh but friends .. we can’t give up .. for simply .. haha .. nothing .. absolutely nothing .. is impossible for God .. think about it .. He did give new life to Lazarus when he was thought to be gone for good .. and yes .. He can give us new life as well .. He can rebuild our relationships .. remake our careers .. and yes .. haha .. He can steady our walk of faith .. so .. in simply .. trusting in this truth .. again .. we can never give up .. no way .. so .. we pray .. and yes .. we simply .. ask Him for insight as to how .. to regain that in which was lost .. bottom line .. He promises in His Word that He’ll give wisdom to all who ask .. He promises .. He’ll never leave us .. nor forsake us .. and yes .. He even promises us .. He’ll strengthen us to do all things .. in His will .. and yes .. that He’ll help us to regroup and make plans .. as well as .. haha .. that He’ll give us .. even more strength .. to diligently pursue what we’ve lost .. haha .. plainly people .. He has our backs .. twenty four seven .. and yes sweet friends .. this is simply .. powerful truth .. truth we can stand on .. and yes .. without a doubt .. truth we can live by .. each and every waking day .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage”

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