Friends .. wherever we go and whatever we do .. we must do all we can .. haha .. be part of the solution . . never part of the problem .. no .. we’re to shed peace .. never discord .. wherever we go and in whatever we do .. we must totally ignore the enemy and his deceptive ways .. haha .. for yes .. he’s always and forever .. going to try to trip us up .. and yes .. completely tear us down .. haha .. it’s his job .. and yes .. he does his job well .. but friends .. it’s true .. we can simply ignore him .. we can continually build each other up .. while never .. tearing each other down .. haha .. for the truth is  .. the only way for others to see God in us .. is to be the example that shows them .. that simply .. happiness comes from living right ..  and yes .. trusting in Him  .. to lead us and guide us in all we do and in all we say .. haha .. for friends .. the power of our example .. of a real person .. striving to live a good life .. for a real God .. is simply .. greater than the power of anything we can ever say .. haha ..  bottom line ..  we can never let our “trip ups” .. nor our .. “down falls”  ..  take us anywhere but back to Him .. for simply .. He is the source of our hope .. our strength .. and yes .. our very being .. and that sweet friends  ..  is simply ..  the Rock on which  we’ll stand ..  haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“But as for me .. I shall sing of Your strength .. Yes .. I shall joyfully sing of Your loving kindness in the morning .. for You have been my stronghold .. and a refuge in the day of my distress”


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