In the midst of this great tragedy that has fallen upon our beloved Paris ..and .. in the middle of the fear that we face .. we must stay courageous enough .. to love ” God and Truth ” above all other things .. that’s right .. sweet friends .. we must keep the mindset .. to continually carry that .. “light of love and peace” .. in our heart for all those who have suffered .. while falling on our knees to pray for those who live in darkness .. for .. the sad truth is .. their hearts have never known .. Light .. Love .. or .. Peace .. and if we .. like them .. hold hate in our hearts .. there will simply be .. no room for love .. oh .. I understand it’s difficult .. our heart aches down to our very being for the many who lost their lives last night .. we’re angry .. we want to retaliate .. but friends .. that’s not our job .. as Believers .. we have the ultimate advantage .. we can go to the source of strength .. and .. we can ask Him for help .. we can ask for His grace to center our minds while settling our hearts .. we can ask for His hope .. to sustain our passion for justice.. along with our will .. to be peacemakers .. we can simply reach out for His wisdom .. to help us recognize His very presence living within us .. we can ask for His courage to live as children of light .. hope .. and .. love .. as we put away all .. darkness .. fear .. and .. hatred .. by simply walking away from any longing for vengeance .. we can ask Him to fill us with compassion for the victims of this tragedy .. while filling us with a love .. that is not withheld .. even from our enemies .. and friends .. we can ask Him .. to direct our leaders to act justly .. pulling us all from the grasp of violence .. and .. guiding our steps in the way of His peace .. for we know .. that we know .. that we know .. His greatest command teaches us but one thing .. and in that .. our hope shall always remain .. oh yeah .. sweet Lisa .. always and forever .. Love Wins Period.
“Three things will last forever .. faith .. hope .. and .. love .. and .. the greatest of these is love”


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