Oh yes .. the enemy ..  he will constantly continue to remind us of our mistakes .. failures .. and .. downright sins ..  He’ll go on to tell  us that because of these things .. we can’t receive our healing ..  he will tell us that we have to “pay” for our mistakes  .. and .. if we don’t .. something worse will happen .. yes .. he will condemn us while doing all he can to pursued us to believe that he .. himself  .. can do bad things to us ..  haha .. but friends .. this is so far from the truth .. you see.. he simply has no power over us .. he can’t force anything in our lives .. nor .. pursued our hearts .. for  .. our heart .. simply cannot be persuaded if it is established in righteousness  and set  .. “steadfast in the faith” .. for .. God tells us  .. plain as day .. that once we are established in righteousness .. we will be far from oppression with no reason to fear .. so .. here we are .. with our heart established  .. we can boldly shout .. that even with the problems we have  .. we are not guilty in God’s eyes .. for .. we are justified by faith .. because of what Christ has done .. for you see .. our righteousness comes from His blood .. and this my friends .. it how to resist the enemy and become undevourable to anyone or anything that tried to take us down .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“In righteousness you will be established .. you will be far from oppression .. for you will not fear ..  and from terror .. for it will not come near you”





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