The next week will be extremely busy around our house and within our family .. the kids take the girls to Memphis every year for Christmas to spend time with their Tennessee family .. so .. we always do our Christmas before they go .. haha .. which will be next Saturday .. as Pop Bob and I moved around yesterday thinking about what we were doing for them this year .. we began to talk about the meaning of Christmas .. the totally amazing story of the love that was born so many many many years ago ..   we see a young girl .. Mary .. she was pregnant .. confused .. totally bewildered .. while hugely overwhelmed with pure joy .. haha .. for yes ..  she will give birth to the Son of God .. oh my goodness .. what must of been going through her mind .. living with this mystery .. Mary faced some troubling questions with only faith to guide her .. and yes .. her sweet Joseph … since after all .. haha ..  she was bearing a child that was not his .. and yes .. with that .. she had to face the anguishing shame it could bring down upon her .. for simply  .. she lived in a small town that frowned on an unfaithful wife .. even though she knew he had a high regard for her .. it was going to be hard to explain to him the mysterious act of God .. haha .. and yes .. an angel that no one else saw .. oh but friends ..  our God .. He’s awesome .. and yes .. He simply removed that threat by having an angel appear to him in a dream .. simply  saying .. “Joseph .. son of David .. do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife .. because she has conceived by the Holy Spirit .. she will give birth to a Son and you must name him Jesus.” .. haha .. so .. when he awoke .. and yes .. without question … he took Mary as his wife to his home and together .. they would do what God would have them to do .. and yes .. their journey began .. “Faith in God” .. that strong moving force that we all carry inside .. allowing us to face anything and everything that comes our way .. and yes sweet friends .. again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And Mary said .. “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord .. let it be to me according to your word” ..  and the angel departed from her”



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