Friends .. it’s when we finally come to realize just what God’s purpose is for our lives .. haha .. that our hearts become overwhelmingly full .. and no .. this doesn’t always happen suddenly or dramatically the way it did for Paul on the road to Damascus .. haha .. no .. there isn’t always visions or fire written on the wall .. no .. most of the time .. we simply search and search .. groping along .. our lives filled with accidents and false goals .. haha .. often we sense our purpose .. and then .. it’s shot down by the sometimes cruel business of today .. yet friends .. He continues to keep tract of us .. yes .. haha .. His floundering creatures .. with much of our lives filled with defeat and heartbreak .. we turn to Him .. we begin to fight less furiously for those selfish and often empty goals .. for simply .. we can now clearly see .. haha .. He’s went and turned our failures into stepping stones .. however humble our circumstances or undramatic our talents .. our true purpose is revealed .. for the truth is .. we’re all meant to be the person we are at this time and place .. not only for ourselves .. but for Him .. and yes .. for others as well .. yes friends .. we’re meant to make this particular contribution to the world .. and yes .. we must do it well .. we must do it with faith and patience .. and yes .. with strength and passion .. for simply .. haha .. in doing so .. we will indeed .. simply discover .. haha .. who we really are in Him .. for yes .. again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Do not be conformed to this world .. but be transformed by the renewal of your mind .. that by testing you may discern what is the will of God .. what is good and acceptable and perfect”

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