Jesus simply tells us to “first get rid of the log in our own eye .. then we will  be able to see well enough to deal with the speck in our friends eye”..  yes ..  the tendency to be critical of others .. starts as a child .. and .. follows us right on into adulthood .. we’ve all jumped to critically point out things in others .. when all the while .. we are guilty of the same things ourselves ..  yet .. we find it difficult just to come on out and say .. “we are sorry” .. and .. “we are wrong “.. thankfully Jesus addressed this blight of .. “impaired vision” ..  He shows us over and over again just how much we need His help in our interaction with others ..  haha ..  He wants us to .. “stop and think”  .. before we rush to correct someone .. for ..  after all .. each of us can use a generous dose of His grace .. and .. “log removing remedy” on a regular basis … so with that .. the next time we are ready to open our mouths to be critical .. let’s take a quick look in the mirror .. it may just squash the comment that’s about to come out .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

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