Rejection  ..  wow .. it’s can be a painful experience .. no matter what the cause .. and friends .. all too often ..  we simply .. do not assign near enough blame to the rejecter  themselves ..  no .. we simply .. lay down and agree .. with his or her evaluation of us .. and then .. we carry a feeling of inferiority .. or ..  of being .. “damaged goods” .. with us all our lives … but ..  the truth is .. rejection ..  is simply not .. a measure of our true worth ..  so ..  with this truth .. we give up those unrealistic expectations that we have had placed on ourselves by others .. remembering .. “it takes two to tango” .. and .. the bottom line .. some of the changes we would like to see happen in others  ..  simply will not .. and .. if we spend our life focused on making some other person change .. we’re wasting our energy ..  when we’ve done all we can .. the problem is simply not ours anymore .. the fault .. it no longer lies within .. for friends .. we are not unworthy .. instead .. the other side may be incapable of the normal response of an emotionally healthy person .. haha .. we’ve all been in those shoes ..  so .. we simply do what we know to do .. Trust God .. for .. He accepts us with wide open arms .. and .. His acceptance is what gives us value .. for you see .. it is from Him that we should derive our self-image .. and friends ..   please .. please ..  trust me when I say .. we cannot give that person or persons who have rejected us .. the permission .. to  put a price tag on us .. for we .. proudly and boldly have been given .. through faith in  Christ .. His ultimate price tag  .. and friends .. we can bet our bottom dollar .. no one .. absolutely one ..  can touch that .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy .. I have come so that they may have life .. and may have it abundantly”


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