Change does not happen for any of us overnight .. it’s a process .. sometimes .. a long and grueling one .. for friends .. when God says that we are being transformed into His image .. He did not mean it would happen in an instant .. our spiritual transformation requires time and effort .. as we continue to strengthen our spiritual lives .. we see an increasing ability to fulfill His commandment .. haha .. but what we must remember .. we are all God’s work in progress .. we cannot get discouraged .. we have no time for that nonsense .. we must get up and keep moving .. think about it .. immediately after Jesus gave us the great and foremost commandment .. He continued by telling us .. “the second is like it .. you shall love your neighbor as yourself” .. oh yes .. from this we can see the natural progression from leaning to love God with all our heart and soul and mind .. we will now be able to extend this love to our neighbor .. it’s that simple .. for being strong in His love .. helps us to be able to fully love other people .. for you see .. loving God is only the beginning of being an authentic Christian .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“Beloved .. let us love one another .. for love is from God .. and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God .. anyone who does not love does not know God .. because God is love”


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