Nothing like having a wedding ceremony on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon .. on .. one of the most beautiful beaches in the world .. when .. all of a sudden .. right smack in the middle .. here he comes .. a “rebel redneck flag flying man” .. literally .. running through the event carrying his banner of pride .. haha .. yes .. this really happened .. yesterday .. on our beach .. haha .. at first .. everyone was mad and ready to fight .. but .. that not being the answer .. decided .. celebration and fun was a better choice .. haha .. they called him ignorant .. but .. I was thinking more like “stupid” .. I mean .. think about it .. ignorance is simply .. the lack of knowledge .. learning .. and information .. just not knowing something .. and friends .. that boy .. he knew what he was doing .. it was Saturday .. him and his buddies had been sitting on the beach drinking all day .. and .. they wanted to have some fun .. haha .. yes .. stupidity .. meaning .. foolishness .. annoying .. troublesome .. pointless .. and .. mental dullness .. oh yes .. that was them .. haha .. if we take notice .. we see .. stupid has zero to do with not knowing something .. it simply implies .. things being done that make no sense .. that have no social redeeming quality .. and .. that are pointless .. haha .. yes .. that’s what we saw on the beach yesterday .. haha .. point being .. it’s okay to be ignorant .. but people .. it’s just not okay to be stupid .. we’re all ignorant to the ways of God to some degree .. that’s simply why He made His Word and His thoughts readily available to us in Scripture .. He tells exactly what we need to do so we no longer have to live in ignorance .. but .. can live in knowledge .. learning .. and .. understanding .. haha .. for .. these are the things that no longer make us ignorant .. things like .. wisdom .. understanding .. and ..discernment .. haha .. it’s kind of hard to be ignorant with these qualities .. yet .. we know .. stupid is as stupid does .. and .. we know .. ignorance is okay .. for .. it’s excusable and more importantly .. it can be remedied and corrected .. however .. when we’re stupid .. we better start looking into what we can do to remedy the situation .. especially when it comes to the things of God .. for the truth is .. we’ve all done stupid things in our lives .. we’ve all looked back and thought .. “wow .. that was stupid” .. haha .. but friends .. this is not the stupid I’m referring to .. the kind of stupid I’m talking about .. is simply not growing in faith .. not checking our actions against His Word .. haha .. for friends .. I’m pretty sure .. if those boys would have taken just a second to think about what He would want them to do .. they wouldn’t have been flying their banner across the beach .. no .. they would have sat back and enjoyed His show .. but friends .. bottom line .. we gotta love them all .. in spite of .. not because of .. haha .. for after all .. He did graciously give us a gloriously beautiful wedding day at the beach .. and .. no one got hurt .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“If any of you lacks wisdom .. let him ask God ..who gives generously to all without reproach .. and it will be given him”

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