Conflict .. it’s a miserable state to be in .. I’ve visited there .. haha .. as well as .. resided there .. many times in my life .. we want so bad to fix things .. make them right .. to be heard .. oh .. but friends .. sometimes .. that just doesn’t happen .. so now .. we have no other choice .. than to keep moving carefully .. with the right mindset .. yes .. ’cause the truth is .. whenever we face out of control situations .. we simply tend to go to one extreme or the other .. oh yes .. the more out of control our life gets .. the harder we try to control it .. or worse .. we just give up .. haha .. you know .. we have that old “pity party” where we’re the only one invited .. haha .. but friends .. both of these reactions to stress .. are so very foolish .. simply because .. they don’t work .. so basically .. instead of being the victim .. or .. totally controlling .. we need to sit down and pray a prayer of surrender .. oh yes .. for the bottom line .. the stress we are under is because we are in conflict with God .. that’s right friends .. for you see .. here we are again .. trying to control things that only HE can control .. yes .. and .. we must simply understand .. we cannot control .. anyone or anything in this life .. not in our past .. nor in our future .. none of it .. so .. the more we do .. the more we’re trying to play His role .. and friends .. that puts us in opposition with Him .. haha .. and .. we better know .. not only are we going to lose that conflict .. but .. we’re also going to exhaust ourselves .. wooh .. and some days .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I’m totally exhausted .. haha .. so .. we wait .. and .. if we have to .. we wait again .. while God works it out .. He always does.. for the truth is .. when we surrender to Him those very things .. that we’ve been trying so hard .. to take the control away from Him .. we simply find .. this is the state .. where our true power resides .. and .. where we long to live out our days .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Surrender yourself to the Lord .. and wait patiently for Him”

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