Friends .. for all of us .. there simply .. will be times when we feel alone  .. or .. when others .. are unable or unwilling to help .. but .. listen up .. when we dwell on our situation .. or .. others’ wrongs against us .. it simply ..  leads us only to resentment and self-pity .. haha .. however .. if we’ll just seek the Lord and rely on the truth of His Word ..  we’ll discover the comfort and strength .. of His very presence .. that’s right .. courage will enter our souls .. totally empowering us to endure the loneliness we feel .. and .. to finish the course He’s set for us .. for .. the course He’s set .. is simply .. amazing .. so ..we take it in .. we run with it .. we carry it like .. the banner of grace that it is .. for friends .. no one .. absolutely no one .. can take His love from us .. for yes .. it’s real .. and yes .. it’s sweet .. oh yes ..  just as sweet .. as Tupelo Honey .. haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Taste and see that the Lord is good .. blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him”



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