Yesterday we closed on the sale of our family home in P’cola .. my mom passed away three years ago and we’ve just gotten to where we could “get it together” enough to make the sale happen .. as I visited with my brother at lunch we talked about growing up .. we talked about our mom .. our grandmother .. and yes .. our brother George who is no longer with us on this earth .. but .. haha .. forever lives in our heart .. we talked about the yesterdays .. and .. laughed about the today .. haha .. it was a nice day .. for the first time in a long time .. I truly had peace about it all .. peace with everything around me .. for friends .. it’s when we finally realize that we can no longer hang onto anything in this life of material value .. that we realize .. haha .. we’ve found freedom .. these earthly things hold memories .. but the truth is .. God gave us the gift of memory to use .. no matter where we are .. or .. what we’re doing .. He gave us this wonderful gift that we could use when we think about a person .. place .. or .. thing that is no longer in our eyesight .. it’s a wonderful gift of love .. and yes sweet friends … today I’m grateful for that love .. ¬†for yes .. haha .. God is Love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“I thank my God every time I remember you”


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