I was saddened to get up this morning to read .. plain mean gossip .. haha .. oh I know .. it’s always around .. always has been .. and yes .. always will be .. heck .. I’ve partaken in some of it myself .. but friends .. trust me .. gossip hurts people .. and we .. as people .. and .. especially as Believers .. are suppose to be more mindful of ourselves than that .. oh yes .. we’ve all experienced it .. and yes .. most of us at some time or another .. have been on the receiving end of it .. haha .. and yes .. it hurts .. it’s hard to understand how people can be so down right mean .. for friends .. all of us in this life .. have been shown so much grace .. how can we not extend that same grace to one another .. but .. the truth is .. most people are crowd followers .. and friends .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. at this time and place in my life .. I don’t want to follow anyone .. but Jesus .. I want to think for myself with His mighty direction .. for yes .. I can tell you first hand .. He don’t like mean .. haha .. no way .. He loves no matter what .. He forgives .. and yes .. He reaches out to the hurt and the lost .. and yes .. this is the example we should want to follow .. for simply .. friends .. we don’t ever want to be that person .. who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts .. rumors .. or reports of an intimate nature that are none of our business .. we don’t want to talk about other people’s business and things that do not concern us .. we don’t want to be the one who repeats what someone else said .. especially if we don’t know .. first hand .. the truth .. that’s right .. bottom line .. gossip is like a deadly poison .. it hurt’s people .. it kills relationships .. and yes .. totally destroys trust .. for gossip is more often than not .. based on hearsay .. it’s usually inaccurate .. it creates suspicions .. and yes .. haha .. it divides people .. so .. in knowing this truth .. let’s simply .. do all we can .. to simply .. stay mindful not to allow the enemy to snag us and drag us into this place .. oh yes .. our tongues can be unruly .. but friends .. we can refuse to be the source of it .. and yes .. even to participate in it .. for .. if we truly love Him .. and .. want to imitate Him .. as we all want to do .. we simply must walk away from the poison that divides and hurts .. for .. as we all know .. if we have to whisper it .. then .. we probably shouldn’t be saying it .. haha .. and that my friends .. is my gossip for the day .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths .. but only such as is good for building up .. as fits the occasion .. that it may give grace to those who hear”

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