One of my favorite be words is “Teachable” ..  I have to remind myself daily to open my heart and mind to listen .. simply because .. I’ll talk over my own self much of the time .. haha .. but friends .. the truth is .. keeping a teachable heart is vital for knowing God more .. and .. most all of us .. would love to know Him more ..  and  .. it’s when we actively engage with Him on a regular basis .. that before we know it .. He’s using us .. for yes .. it’s having a teachable disposition before Him .. that not only blesses Him .. but .. it also allows Him to use us in greater ways .. simply because ..  with a teachable heart we are able to surrender to Him fully ..  and begin .. showing signs of greater humility .. we fully understand .. His ways .. are not like our ways .. so .. we must yield to Him .. and .. to His way of doing things .. haha .. allowing Him to call the shots .. while we  .. haha .. simply follow ..  for friends .. it’s when we follow that we find .. the “more” .. yes  friends .. I’m finding in my own life .. that as I move through the days .. He wants just that little “more”out of me .. whether it’s true or not .. haha .. is subjective to my own narrow minded insight .. but .. in all honesty .. we have no idea what He’s doing in someone else’s life .. for .. the truth is .. we’re all under the same level of conviction .. in one area or another ..  so .. we keep a teachable heart .. we look to Him as our source of life .. we never compare ourselves with others ..and ..  we don’t focus on what they’re doing or not doing .. we just keep our eyes on .. the Great Teacher ..  we stop jumping from here to there and everywhere  ..  haha .. for friends ..  having a teachable heart is simply ..  a willingness to listen to our Instructor .. and .. doing what He says ..  the sooner the better ..  for Him to receive highest worship .. and .. for us .. to experience our greatest joy ..  yes sweet friends .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Give instruction to a wise man .. and he will be still wiser .. teach a righteous man .. and he will increase in learning”


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