We’ve had a stretch kicking off the season – we’re all on straight full days of work, and yes, I’m personally grateful to be able to pace myself in order to do so.

We’ve had rain the past two weekends and we’ve successfully worked through it like we’ve done so many times before.

However, it’s when we have days and nights like yesterday – and I see the work so well orchestrated – with the teamwork that’s put behind it – I become totally at peace.

It’s that undeniable peace that comes from knowing God is in control and yes – that we’re totally allowing Him to do so. We believe in teamwork. We’ve surrounded ourselves with a group of people who share a common goal, and yes, we each embrace this common goal. It doesn’t matter our differences. We strive shoulder to shoulder with confidence in one another’s faith, in one another’s trust, and yes, in one another’s commitment.

We believe in each other and we care for one another – we communicate effectively, and yes, we know that our success as a team must always be of greater value than our own individual interests.

For we know that we know that we know – together all of us achieve more – for there is no “I” in team – we’re all a part of a body that fits together perfectly. And as each of us do our own special work, we’re helping the other parts to grow so that the whole body, “our team” is healthy and growing and full of love. It’s so true – teamwork is God’s will for us, and when we apply it – He blesses us, and yes sweet friends, because of this – I’m one blessed and grateful soul.

Thank you Team GBC – we are so very proud and honored to be a part of what we’re all building together – my heart is full

“From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work” Ephesians 4:16

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