It’s been an awesome start to Easter week .. I came over the P’cola yesterday .. Carla and I got out and about .. had what we call an ..”easy” .. day .. haha .. yes .. we went on a day trip over to the Fairhope Art Festival .. bought ourselves .. four bread slicers .. a silk dress.. haha .. and .. a silk wrap .. she walked .. I jogged .. haha .. afterward .. we headed to The Frog Pond in Silverhill and caught some music .. ran into some of our local friends .. laughed and laughed .. and then .. laughed some more .. haha .. yes .. it was an easy day .. and now .. here I am .. up before anyone .. intentionally .. sitting here in her living room .. in my little space .. thinking about this Easter week ahead .. moving through the days reflecting back on the daily activities of Jesus as he approached crucifixion day .. I believe it was today that He went into the Temple .. to find .. His people selling their wares for exuberant amounts of money .. He was so upset about it .. He began turning over tables .. throwing things around .. you know the story .. His reason .. simply being .. that was absolutely .. not .. what the church was about .. not then nor now .. no .. the ultimate vision of God’s people in God’s place would look a little more motley than it did when He stepped foot into Jerusalem that day .. and .. because their worship was so far removed from this vision .. He’d had enough .. the worship of the people was so out of line with His purposes that passion consumed Him .. and .. it just plain .. had to stop .. same way today friends .. we .. the church .. are to love .. for .. this is the way He designed us to be .. we are to love one another .. just like He did .. for we .. are His people .. the broken .. the misfits .. and .. the outcasts .. the very church .. and .. we sweet friends .. are simply .. why He came .. so .. without delay .. let’s do our very best .. to simply .. love each other .. right here and right now .. haha .. after all .. it’s the overall plan .. haha .. simple truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there ..He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves”


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