Friends .. it’s through tears and laughter that we learn and trust that God uses them both for our good .. haha .. He always has and always will .. and yes .. as most of you that know me know .. I’ll cry at the drop of a hat .. and no .. I have no problem with it .. I’ll cry when talking about something sentimental .. something sad .. or yes .. even something happy .. and the truth is .. it’s downright awesome that He’s equipped us with such an easy way to express our emotions .. those quick tears to relieve a sudden hurt .. or yes .. when we’re so touched we can barely speak .. or yes .. even those tears we shed when faced with deep sorrows .. for without a doubt .. they help wash away the very grief our crying demonstrates .. think about it .. we’re the only living beings who have this ability .. so yes .. just as He wept we weep .. the tears we shed are a testimony to Him .. and yes .. it’s that simple .. so personally I’m grateful for those tears .. and yes .. I will continue to use them as often as possible .. haha .. let’s think about laughter .. oh yes .. most all of us are grateful for laughter and for all the people we know who bring it about .. you know .. the ones who make us see the funny side of things .. they’re a Godsend for sure .. for friends .. we live is a world full of anguish and pain and some of our days life can be tough .. but yes .. our God in His vast understanding of things .. gave us laughter to help us forget .. to help restore our wounded spirits .. to brighten our daily walk .. and yes .. to lighten our load .. for just as He saved tears for us .. He also blessed us with laughter .. yes sweet friends .. this is His nature .. a nature kin to our own .. for we’re made in His image .. and yes .. we’re free at any time we want to to sit down and cry ourselves .. haha .. right on into laughter .. for yes .. this seems to be the order in which it usually comes .. so yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“For His anger lasts only a moment .. but His favor lasts a lifetime .. weeping may last through the night .. but joy comes with the morning”

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