I just love how wonderful it is that our God has made .. and yes .. equipped us with simple ways to express our emotions .. haha .. for yes ..  it’s through “tears and laughter” that we have the tools to continue to move ..  it’s in our ability to cry .. that yes .. we find those quick tears to relieve the sudden hurt ..  and yes .. during those times when we’re so moved we can barely speak  .. those tears come again .. when those deeper sorrows come and we need a good cleansing .. they return to wash away the very sorrow our crying shows .. for yes  .. He loves us big .. we’re actually made in His image .. so yes .. just as Jesus wept .. we weep .. our very tears are a testimony to His fatherhood .. and no ..  if that wasn’t enough .. haha .. He brought on the balance .. He brought us laughter .. and yes .. what a gift it is .. think about it .. haha ..  in His vast understanding He knew that laughter is what would help us to forget .. help us to restore our wounded spirits .. and yes .. help us to brighten our journey as well as lighted our load .. haha .. for yes sweet friends .. He is God .. and yes .. God is love .. and no .. it simply can’t get any better than Him .. for yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

” They that sow in tears shall reap in joy”


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