What an awesome birthday week it’s been .. so much love around me has honestly been overwhelming .. my family and friends are the best .. and yes .. without a doubt my heart is full .. haha .. so yes .. on this beautiful Sunday morning .. as we move on into our sweet Cortney‘s birthday week .. I say thank you for the love .. and yes .. pray God’s blessings on each and everyone of you .. may He keep you safe when you’re in danger .. guide you daily in the way of love .. support you through hardship .. lift up your heart when you’re feeling low .. comfort you when you’re feeling lonely .. give you strength when you’re weak .. bring you home when you’re lost .. and yes .. surround you with His total loving care always and forever .. for friends .. in His eyes .. we are holy .. we are chosen .. and yes .. we are loved .. so yes .. haha .. we are blessed .. for yes yes yes … again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“We love because He first loved us”

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