Twenty nine years ago .. wow .. I sat in a small room at the Ft Walton Beach Medical Center with another Doctor by my side when the Neurosurgeon came into the room and told me that my son .. Donald .. haha .. “Scooter” .. as most of you know him .. had a brain tumor .. the size of a tennis ball .. haha .. and then .. he went on to tell me that it looked malignant .. and .. that he would only have about six months to live .. haha .. but at the moment .. he needed to have a shunt put in to relieve the fluid in his brain so he would make it through the night .. I remember this like it was yesterday .. haha .. and in response .. I simply said .. ” sir .. put the shunt in .. as far as the rest goes .. I won’t accept it” .. for you see .. I could only have one child .. I prayed for a son .. told God if he gave me a daughter .. haha .. I’d give her back .. and yes .. with that .. He gave me a son .. and no .. I did believe nor would accept .. that he would be taken from me .. and yes .. every day from that day forward .. when I wake up in the morning and when I lay down at night .. I thank Him for my blessings .. I thank Him for my son and ask Him to continually protect him .. I’ve done this every day .. even in my darkest days .. through out Donald’s life .. and yes .. as faithful as our Father is .. he’s been protected .. and yes .. last night was another prime example of God’s hand on His children .. Donald and Richard were driving east on 98 when his truck and the car beside him were struck by lighting .. haha .. that’s right .. struck dead as door knob .. the Officer said in his 25 plus years on the force .. he’s never seen anything like it .. and yes .. when I got the call .. I immediately thanked our God for keeping him safe .. and drove as fast .. haha .. and yes .. as safe as I could to the spot where he sat .. oh .. they were shook up .. but praise God .. they were safe .. as we waited for the tow trucks and the reports .. I sat in the car .. just like I did in that room so many years ago .. tears rolling down my face .. talking to Him .. while again .. thanking Him for keeping my son .. safe and well .. and yes .. with that I can only say .. is simply .. my heart is full .. haha .. Thank you Lord! .. and yes yes yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.
“The LORD keeps you from all harm and watches over your life”

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