Last month as Carla and I were travelling home from our trip to Nola to celebrate my birthday .. my car was making a loud noise .. when we reached around 45 mph .. it would shimmy .. and then .. at 60 mph .. it would stop .. and then .. when we hit 65 mph .. it would shimmy again .. so needless to say .. we drove 55/60 mph all the way back home .. it was loud and that was a little nerve racking .. however .. we didn’t let it bother us .. we kept trucking along .. for really .. there nothing we could do about it til we got home anyway .. so here we stay .. in the far right hand lane of a three lane interstate .. moving along .. singing with the radio .. talking and laughing .. haha .. having fun .. like we always do .. when .. all of a sudden .. we notice the traffic getting congested .. we see a state trooper in the median .. and .. with that .. every vehicle on the road was now doing 70 instead of 90 .. remember .. we’re in the far right lane .. on a three lane interstate .. it was then ..
when we looked up .. we realize .. our right hand lane .. it’s ending .. yep .. in about 100 feet .. it would turn into a grassy muddy mess .. and .. my little mini .. it would sink dead once it hit .. oh but friends .. that’s not all .. it was about that same time .. as I sat in the passenger seat .. never turning around .. but .. looking from my seat into Carla’s drivers side view mirror .. I see .. not one .. but two .. mac trucks barreling .. side by side .. in the two lanes next to us .. and .. at about that same time .. Carla pushed on the gas .. I could feel the engine accelerate .. and .. it was then .. in a cool calm state of mind .. I said .. in my most monotone voice ever .. “Carla .. we won’t make it baby .. you gotta downshift to a stop girl” .. and .. it was at that very moment .. without hesitation or doubt .. she shifted her on down .. coming to a dead stop .. yes .. right at the foot of the grassy muddy mess .. wow .. without a word said .. other than a quick monotone .. “thank you Jesus” .. we sat for a brief second .. saw the road was open and moved back onto the interstate .. nothing more was said .. not a word .. you could have heard a pin drop in that car .. haha .. in spite of the loud noise and shimmy that was still going on .. we kept moving .. oh .. I don’t know .. it was maybe .. a mile or so down the road .. when Carla looked at me .. and said .. ever so sweetly .. ” you know Cheri .. we handled that pretty good .. didn’t we?” … and with that .. I simply replied .. ” yes .. yes we did sweetheart” … friends .. it’s times like these .. there are no words .. as my mind reflected on my family .. as well .. as on my friend sitting next to me .. what she has been through in the past year .. and .. how we all have managed to make it full circle .. in spite of the enemy’s plan .. my heart became overwhelmed with gratitude .. for we know .. without a doubt .. Jesus was in that car with us .. we were not fearful .. we were not afraid .. there were no screams .. there was only His perfect peace and pure presence .. and that is what .. totally overpowered and ever so calmly .. downshifted us to safety .. oh yes .. it’s true .. if we were to have tried to shoot that gauntlet .. you would not be reading this today .. but we didn’t .. simply because .. we listened .. and friends .. yes .. this was a big thing .. but .. what we must remember .. to Him .. who loves us unconditionally .. all things concerning us are big .. there is nothing .. absolutely nothing … that we care about .. that He doesn’t care about .. He will drive us to safety .. every single time .. we just need to stay calm and listen .. listen for that still small voice .. that will drive us to where we need to be … that’s right .. oh yeah .. and that noise in my car .. haha .. it was a broken belt in my back right tire .. the tire man said .. it was a miracle we made it as far as we did .. we say .. it’s by His grace  .. we made it at all .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“My sheep hear My voice .. and I know them .. and they follow Me .. and I give eternal life to them .. and they will never perish .. and no one will snatch them out of My hand ..”

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