I have several scars on my body .. one on my hip from a motor cycle accident when I was young .. one on the top of my foot from dragging a trash bag with broken glass in it .. right across the top .. and then .. the big one .. from my “change of life” surgery .. haha .. glad that one’s over .. yes .. the scars .. they’re certainly there .. but friends .. we all know .. the most painful scars .. they aren’t the ones we see .. no .. they’re the ones we can’t see .. you know the ones I’m talking about .. we all have them .. for .. they’re the scars on our heart .. and .. in our soul .. the scar of rejection from a father who didn’t know how to love .. the scar of growing up in a home filled with alcohol and abuse .. the scar of disappointment at the loss of a child .. the scar of broken dreams .. yes .. scars come in all forms and fashion .. they come through what’s been done to us by others .. and .. what’s been done through us .. by our own mistakes and failures .. either way .. friends .. they’re simply not .. something we need to hide from .. or .. be ashamed of .. no way .. we need to use them .. to share the healing power of Jesus with a hurting world .. for a scar .. basically implies healing .. so .. we look at the lines and marks of our journey .. we call them what they are .. ugly reminders .. yet .. beautiful trophies .. for He .. has a purpose and plan for them and us .. no .. we don’t have these scars to remind us that we’ve been hurt .. we have these scars .. to remind us .. we’ve been healed .. we’ve been delivered .. and .. we’ve been set free .. so today sweet friends .. we can be grateful for all our scars .. yes .. they may look ugly to some .. but to us .. they are a beautiful well written story .. that someone .. may just need to hear .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Come to me .. all you who are weary and burdened .. and I will give you rest”


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