One of my favorite “lines” I used to say to our customers .. haha .. when it was crazy busy .. was simply “our job is to teach all of you .. patience .. kindness .. and .. understand” .. haha .. “and yes .. we do it well” and yes .. it would humor them and they would laugh .. and then .. wait patiently .. it’s been a while now since I’ve used that line .. haha .. until day before yesterday I really had no reason .. oh but .. I was on the phone with Verizon trying to figure out my new phone .. and yes .. I was on the phone for hours throughout the day .. at one point when I was talked to Hernando .. who by the way is my new best friend .. I broke down in silly laughter .. laughing at the process .. the time is was taking .. and yes .. the lack of my own knowledge of this single little device .. I laughed so hard I couldn’t talk .. and as I listened to the other end of the line .. I could hear Hernando laughing too .. so hard he couldn’t talk .. it was pretty funny I have to say .. we both were exhausted over the difficulty I was having .. but .. instead of getting frustrated and angry .. like so often we find ourselves doing .. we laughed .. at ourselves .. and yes .. at the whole situation .. and yes .. together we were practicing that ever so needed .. “patience .. kindness .. and .. understanding” toward one another .. haha .. and the phone .. as I sit here this morning thinking about it .. I’m laughing again .. I’m laughing with a grateful heart that God has given us such a gift to use when it’s much needed .. it would have been so easy to go the “other way” .. but instead .. we went His way .. which is always the best way .. haha .. as Hernando and I finally finished the setting up of this silly phone .. he laughed one more time .. then said to me .. “I’m not gonna lie .. this is the best call I’ve had all day” .. haha .. in responce I said .. “I’m not gonna lie either .. it was my best call too ” .. haha .. people loving people .. just the way He intended it to be .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“We prove ourselves by our purity .. our understanding .. our patience .. our kindness .. by the Holy Spirit within us .. and by our sincere love”

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