The root of bitterness is underground ..  it’s easy to hide and camouflage ..  we seldom admit that we are a bitter  .. yes .. we will either deny it or disguise it .. for we know in our hearts .. being bitter .. is hypersensitive .. ungrateful .. insincere .. holds grudges .. and .. has mood swings ..  the fruit of bitterness  .. it will affect us  physically .. emotionally .. and  .. spiritually .. it’s an acid that destroys its container .. for when our heart is bitter ..  God will not even be real to us .. simply because .. hatefulness and holiness do not dwell in the same heart .. so we must eradicate it by letting Him reveal it .. a deceitful heart cannot diagnose a deceitful heart .. we  need to let Him do radical surgery .. for ..  a response of bitterness is never right when someone has done something wrong to us .. so we ask for forgiveness .. we cut it down and we forget it .. by His grace .. we bury that hurt in the grave of forgetfulness ..  Justice .. is God giving us what we deserve .. Mercy ..  is God not giving us what we deserve .. and ..  Grace .. is God giving us what we don’t deserve .. you see .. when we let someone ‘off the hook’ .. we in turn .. are letting ourselves ‘off the hook’  .. when we forgive .. we set two people free .. and one of them .. is ourselves .. it is then we discover that our life is more joyful .. we thank Him for His mercy and praise Him for His grace .. for this is what gives us all a brand new life .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.


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