I’m very fortunate to have working with me in my office two beautiful women .. and yes .. we’re blessed to be like-minded in many ways .. haha .. each day we read a daily devotion .. Jesus is Calling .. and yes .. each day it speaks to us in a different way .. which has me this morning .. haha .. as many mornings do .. thinking about Jesus .. a rabbi who feasted with prostitutes .. and yes .. tax collectors .. and yes .. unlike most other Jews .. He traveled straight through Samaria rather than bypassing it .. He touched lepers .. and yes .. He welcomed children .. haha .. that’s our Jesus .. our very definition of LOVE .. so yes .. when we find ourselves putting up walls .. avoiding certain communities .. certain groups .. or yes .. certain people because we feel they’re different and it makes us uncomfortable .. we must remember .. Jesus broke down those walls a long time ago .. He destroyed the barriers along with those dividing walls of hostility .. so yes sweet friends .. in knowing “to love” is our number one job .. and yes .. there are absolutely no boundaries in doing so .. we need to get ourselves up .. and yes .. we need to get ourselves out .. for yes .. it’s a beautiful day to ” walk the walk and talk the talk ” .. to be what He created us to be .. His “Imitators” .. for yes .. we’re created in His image .. and yes .. that my friends .. is a pretty darn big deal .. so yes .. again we can say .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore be imitators of God .. as beloved children .. and walk in love .. just as Christ also loved you .. and gave Himself up for us .. as an offering and a sacrifice to God .. as a fragrant aroma”
* Thank you Michael Belk for your awesome inspirational photo!

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