There are days when we wonder .. who is really in charge of our emotions .. haha .. is it us .. or .. have we formed the unfortunate habit of letting other people .. or .. stressful situations determine the quality of our thoughts and the direction of our day .. if we’re wise .. and .. if we’d like to build a better life for ourselves and our loved ones .. we’ll learn to control our emotions before our emotions control us .. oh yes .. human emotions are highly variable .. decidedly unpredictable .. and .. often unreliable .. they’re like the weather .. only far more temperamental .. so .. we learn to live by faith .. and .. not by the ups and downs of our own emotional roller coaster .. when during the day .. we find ourselves gripped by a strong negative feeling .. we stay mindful of this fact .. ‘we can’t trust it .. we must reign it in .. test it .. then turn it over to God’ .. for simply .. our emotions will inevitably change .. but .. God will not .. we can trust Him completely as we watch those negative feelings slowly evaporate into thin air .. they always do .. for our feelings do not affect His facts .. oh .. they may blow up like clouds and cover the eternal things we believe and we may not see the shining of the promises .. but friends .. they still shine .. His strength is not for one moment .. less than our human weakness .. for He is our strength and our refuge .. He is there to turn to when we encounter events that cause us emotional distress .. so .. when we’re in trouble .. we turn to Him .. He keeps us steady in those difficult moments .. while renewing a right spirit in our heart .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

Don’t abandon wisdom, and she will watch over you .. love her .. and she will guard you.



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